Who We Are

The Dreamcoat Initiative was founded in 2020 after founders Will Wright and Adam Engel noticed a lack of conversation around Jewish experiences outside of Exodus and HaShoah.

Encouraged by the findings of the Jews of Color Initiative that Jews of Color make up roughly 12%-15% of the US population, Will and Adam sought to form an organization that highlights and celebrates that diversity.

Dreamcoat Initiative's members encompass multiple backgrounds and the group holds a range of events including happy hours at local black owned businesses, Mimouna celebrations, and learning about the Persian celebration of Nowruz.

Meet the Board

Will - Executive Director

Born in the state of Georgia, Will has been a resident of Washington state for the last decade. He identifies as Black and Ashkenazi and considers himself like Daveed Diggs (If Daveed didn't have any talent). Will champions showing the overlap between the Jewish and African-American experiences and highlighting the contributions that both groups have made to America.

Adam - Director

A Massachusetts native, Adam has spent many years building community in Seattle. As a Jew with close ties to his Yemenite Mizrahi heritage, Adam takes pride in teaching you his family's story of fleeing Yemen for a better life. Feel free to ask Adam about his chickens and his coffee roastery.

Sari - Director

Sari has 2 passions in life: dogs and sharing Sephardic cooking with everyone. With ties to the local Turkish Sephardic community, Sari loves sharing her family's traditions with those that are not familiar with Turkish Jews. Sari is also fluent in Spanish and loves listening to Ladino songs.

Jeremy - Director

Jeremy has heard everyone's Canada jokes and is not impressed. Hailing from Canada's Jewish and First Nation communities, Jeremy champions doing the right thing and creating a just world for all people. Jeremy is very involved with organizing around human rights, justice for Native communities, and highlighting the beauty and history of Native communities.